FliteStream T-210 System



Enjoy seamless high-speed connectivity from ve emails, make calls
using Voice-Over-IP (VoIP), access VPN services,
conduct video conferences, enjoy your favorite work or
entertainment applications.
• Enjoy hundreds of channels of Direct Broadcast Service
television (DBS-TV).
• Provides dual capability of receiving both DBS-TV
and broadband internet connectivity in a single antenna
• Highest performing tail mount Ku band SATCOM
antenna system critical for low angle satellite coverage
while flying at higher latitudes.
• Works seamlessly with laptops, tablets, and smart
• Satellite tracking design allows for full continuous
motion in azimuth and -0 to +90 degree motion in
elevation. Provides full reception performance during
aircraft flight maneuvers, even at higher latitudes.
• Antenna is mounted externally to the aircraft under a
protective radome enclosure located on the aircraft tail.




With Ku band satellite coverage, you can operate globally
without settling for less.


Power: +28 VDC
Control Interface: Ethernet
Navigation Interface: ARINC 429
Discrete Interface: WOW, Flap Position


T-210 system is composed of 5 aircraft LRU’s:
1. Antenna (Gimbal Antenna Unit - GAU).
2. Antenna Control & Modem Unit (ACMU).
3. Low Power Tranceiver (LPT)
4. Power Amplifier Unit (PAU)
5. Diplexer


• RTCA DO-160 & RTCA/DO-178 compliant
• Design based on proven technology used
on multiple aircraft types.


GAU Aperture Size: 29cm
EIRP: 41.9 dBW (25W PAU)
G/T (150K Sky Temperature): 11.5 dB/K @ 12.75 GHz
Receive Frequency: 10.7 GHz to 12.75 GHz
Transmit Frequency: 13.75 GHz to 14.5 GHz
Polarization: Linear Tx/Dual Pol Rx, Dual Pol Circular Rx
Cross Polarization Rejection: 20 dB
Polarization Control: 450±1050

Field of View:
Azimuth (continuous): 3600
Elevation: +900 to -00


Roll, Pitch, Heading Rates of Change: >7.00 / Second
Roll, Pitch, Heading Acceleration:
>7.00 / Second / Second


Pointing Accuracy: <0.20
Weight (w/o power amplifier):
GAU (Antenna): 23.5 Lbs.
ACMU: 14.5 Lbs. (ARINC 600 - 4 MCU)
Diplexer: 0.2 Lbs
Power (w/o power amplifier): <150 Watts on average
GAU Operating Temperature: -550 to +700 C
ACMU Operating Temperature: -200 to +700 C
Modes of Operation: Pointing, BIT, Stowage, Maint.


PAU Power: 25W
LPT Operating Temperature: -400C to +700C
PAU Operating Temperature: -550C to +700C
LPT Weight: 13 Lbs. (ARINC 600 - 3 MCU)
PAU Weigemperature: -400C to +700C
PAU Operating Temperature: -550C to +700C
LPT Weight: 13 Lbs. (ARINC 600 - 3 MCU)
PAU Weight: 8.6 Lbs.


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